Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank God Its Over

Found out that someone is a total jerk and i'm proud of letting go of this freak.
i am more happy now and i'm glad my friends are here to show me the right way.

thanks friends!

no more lovey dovey for the time being!
but still open for dates, anything just msg me ok!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kahwen! Huhu

its the time of the year kan where which i call the musim mengawan or in english widely known as mating season. haha. in malaysia, finding a suitable date to get married is something that they have to really discuss carefully. here, the wedding guests could be up to 10,000 people, so, to give everyone a fair chance to celebrate it, school holidays are when they always held their weddings.

well, i love to go to weddings because obviously because of the food. it's free and yummy. next week if im not mistaken we've got like 5 weddings to attend in one day. gosh! its gonna be pretty tiring and bloating. haha.. by the way, congrats to my cousin who just got married last Wednesday with a very beautiful girl. he looked so happy. wah!

S birthday is coming but i still cant figure out what am i going to buy. i'm a newbie in serious relationship. so HELP pls! hehe.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

thank god

alhamdulillah, sofea dah okay. saje nak bagitau perkembangan sebab i left it hanging mase haritu. dia dah semakin active and sihat. although still on non-lactose punyer susu aka susu soya.

this month merupakan month yang penuh dengan problems and kejadian-kejadian yang erm, entahlah ada yang okay and ada tak tak okay. my friends pun banyak jugak yang confronted with alot of problems. tapi u know lah kan, its life and to live in it, you have to be patient.

to all my frens yang menghadapi krisis hidup, sabar lah banyak-banyak, coz everything yang berlaku mesti ade hikmahnya. i, myself pun ade banyak problem,maybe becos tuhan nak bagitahu yang kite dah lupakan die sedikit demi sedikit. i think...

so, my azam baru next year adalah...
1. try to live an organize life.
2. sembahyang penuh 5 waktu.
3. find a lover (or have i found one?) hehe
5. Jgn boros sangat, sbb still student.
6. Study smart

well itu jer yg i boleh pikir skarang. letih travel sini sane for the past few days. ahad ni ade kenduri kahwen pulak. will i get married? time will tell. hehe.

i just want to say thank god for all you have given me.