Friday, July 27, 2007

So sorry

sorry guys, ive been busy with classes and stuffs untill i have forgoten to hupdate my blog. everything seems to be normal lately. although ive loose weight, nothing has change, really.. nothing. ermm.. maybe i'm just not 'brutal' enough with my life.

for the past few weeks, i really had fun clubbing and all with friends, they are like everything to me. affan, thanks for being here. we really had fun kan? i truly understand u tau. well, who have read affan's blog, u know better.

i have thought about having my ear pierce for quite sometime. ive been asking everybody about what will they think of me if i get pierced. some do support me and some dont as they say it is something oppose by my religion. one day, i brought hisyam to tesco to get his latest addition of harry potter and without a doubt, owh ok, maybe a little, i pierce my ear there. hahaha.. no, i know its not a big deal, but well, people might think of something else. and you know what, i recieved mostly positive comments from my friend. thats a good thing isnt it?