Monday, August 27, 2007

fine dining

baru habis tadi law dining and etiquette dinner yg sangat mengontrolkan.. we had to smile sepanjang dinner. but yg paling best, the high court judge complimented weols ckp very well dressed. yeay.. gigih mencarik blazer occay, berbaloi juge akhirnya. the judge sangat baek and i like her laaa..

just nak bagitaw uols yg i dah start mingling around utk mencari yg seswai yer. kalau nak isi borang contact2 la yek..


Thursday, August 23, 2007

messing with life...

well, i dont know where to start off this.. being single, by all means, is the best thing ever happen to me. but quite recently, at certain times, i feel a very indescribable loneliness. so, i decided to make myself available and ready to mingle around anytime. haha. affan, plz dont laugh at me ok..

i think i did badly at my 1st shot kot. haha. very bad i guess. i dont know what happened, but all of a sudden i became someone i think im not. gila ke hape i skarang nih? tingtong kot? byk keje ke? tak jugak rasenyer...

test pun is just around the corner, better think abt land law rather than love life kot. my future is at stake. gedik macam mane pun aku nih.. tetap kene belajar occay. gedik2 jugak, blajar tetap diutamakan.. boley?

sometimes, ckp pasal love nih, meremangkan bulu roma jer. maybe im just not good enuff for it, or am i just too picky? tak jugak. tapi takdela macam pelachoo kan, semua org i trima. hehehe..

tomorrow ade presentation pasal homosexuality. very daring topic nih.. tapi mcm stereotype sangat budak law buat bende2 alah nih. bukan nak oppose ke hape, tapi u know, topics like this senang nak argue ke hape ke kan.. sbb byk pengalaman kot? :P